Pine Ridge Siberians

A Dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

My Story

March 4th, 2019 my mom and dad found a mass in my mouth, then immediately made an appointment for an exam with my vet. They decided right away we needed to do a biopsy. I had a biopsy and x rays done on March 14th and the results came back on March 18th. I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma cancer. Don't be sad for me I don't know that I have cancer and I am in no pain yet, but when I do I know my mom, dad and veterinarian will make me feel as comfortable as possible. I have lived an amazing life and have gone on so many adventures. My mom & dad have put together a bucket list of things to do my last days here on earth and I hope you can follow along with me. Just always think of me as the one that will jump on you and give you kisses. I love you all.
Hugs Diesel

Diesel's Bucket List 

1. A chase away K9 cancer collar to wear and support all my doggie friends past, present and future that have cancer. 

2. Massage

3. Eat a pup cake

4. Meet firefighters MN, IA

6. Eat  Ice Cream

8. Go to the fair

9. Paddle Boarding

10. Ride on the lawn mower

11. Kayaking

12. Hiking

13. See dad at work

14. Spa day

15. Extra kisses and cuddles

16. Pictures taken with mom and dad

18. Eat whatever I want

19. See friends at the vet clinic

20. Swimming at the paw swimming pool

17. Meet a horse                (Sugar)

7. Receive care packages from around the world

5. Meet an officer and Ride in a police car

22. Fanpage

23. Breakfast in bed

25. Portrait done by Cameo Anderson

26. Drink beer with dad ( I want to try the good boy dog beer, any flavor)

27. Pick something out at Petco

28. Meet the Easter Bunny

29. Go on a Picnic

30. Relax

32. Romp through the snow

33. Go on a walk with my doggie friends

34. Go to the coffee shop and have a Puppuccinos

35. Go to the Dog Park

36. Hangout  with human friends

37. Pictures with my neighbor friends

38. Ice skating

39. Go to the Drive-in Movie

40. Sniff a female dog

24. Ride on the Motorcycle

21. Ride in the Dogsled

31. Go for a boat ride

41. Car Rides

42. More Car Rides

43. Naps

44. Bark Ranger

45. Get my picture taken

46. Put my picture on a shirt

47. Find my Siblings 

48. Pictures with dad

49. Pictures with mom

50. More naps

53. Run leash free through a field

54. Hike to a waterfall

55. Fast Cat

56. Barn Hunt

57. Give back as a therapy dog

59. Play ball

60.Sleep in bed with mom and dad

58. Be on TV

52. Sleep under the Stars

51. Ride in the ambulance MN

61. Walk with the deater stick

62. Go to the beach

63. Give back to a shelter or rescue

64. Go for a pedal bike ride

65. Visit The Zen Butterfly

66. Meet my twin Diesel

67. Go for a ride in the firetruck 

68. Barkbox

69. Spread more smiles

70. Social media free weekend

71. Help pick out pumpkins

74. Ride a horse

73. CBD oil in honor of me

72. Go trick or treating

The Zen Butterfly


Diesel's Bucket List



1 in every 3 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer. Check your pets out once a month all over their body including inside their mouth, armpits and between their toes. Also once a year have blood work done to catch anything that is going on internally where we can't see what's going on, like if a tumor is growing.  Catching things sooner rather than when symptoms arise will make a difference in treatment and prognosis.  If you do happen to find a tumor, make sure you take pictures and keep record of it. Contact your vet right away to have a biopsy and x-ray done. Be your dogs hero.